K + S Creative Group

Here are some examples of work we have done for past clients. Enjoy!

What's On? by Napkin Studio

Napkin Studio makes awesome iPhone apps, so we wanted to give them something that would make their app stand out. By creating something simple, yet functional, it allowed us to focus more on the qualities of What's On?. Check it out!

visit whatsonapp.com

iPhone App Icon Redesign

Along with their new site, Napkin Studio decided to go with a rebrand of their app icon for What's On?

Grank Clothing Identity Design

With the ever-changing world of Grank Clothing, we were able capture the creativeness and simplicity that Grank wanted to promote with a simple modern look.

Kent State's Flashfires Poster

Flashfires is an english club at Kent State University that strives to focus on creativity in literature and art. We wanted this poster to bring fine art and literature together seamlessly.