K + S Creative Group

We have handled campaigns for the world's greatest tech companies.

We were presented with a simple problem: help show the world the benefits of buying used iPhones. What we didn't expect? A huge jump in website traffic and sales for the leading companies that sell used phones.

Most everyone was already aware that buying used can save you a lot of money on things like Mac computers. But we wondered: what about iPhones?

Our focus was on pushing the products with the most flexibility, which are unlocked iPhones. What followed was a campaign educating the public on their benefits, plus a detailed list of the best places where you can buy one.

Perhaps the most successful store in this campaign was Orchard, an iPhone reseller based out of Toronto, Canada. They saw a huge increase how many of theiriPhone 7 for sale they were able to move in a 3 month period. To get more details on this campaign and its results, please contact us for more details!